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Posted by DashSlayer25 - January 13th, 2019

Welp!!! I Figured It Out, And I Want To Come Back! So I Am! Some Of You Felt Sad Because My Music Got Deleted, But Im Coming Back!!! Thanks For All The Support You All Gave Me Before All My Music Was Deleted! ;)

Posted by DashSlayer25 - October 27th, 2018

Welp, I Know It, You Know It, We All Know It, But My Music Has Been Deleted For A Purpose, I Was Using LoopLabs And I Got Reported For It, So Im Sorry For All You Guys For What Happend, LoopLabs Is Not Allowed On NewGrounds, This Goes For All LoopLabs Users Who Post Their Music On NewGrounds, Im Sorry For This, So This Was An Update, So Idk If I Will Post Anything On This Page, This Newgrounds Page Will Be Abandoned Forever. I Apologize To All My Fans Who Saw This, GoodBye... :`(

Im Still Active Here: https://looplabs.com/MegaDash

Posted by DashSlayer25 - July 1st, 2018

Thanks For All Of Your Support! Thanks For 10 Fans! I Really Thank You All For The Support You All Have Given Me From My Music! I Am Very Happy For My Music And You All Do Too! Its A Pretty Big MileStone For Me.












Posted by DashSlayer25 - June 3rd, 2018

I deleted the songs I didnt like on my list that I created in the past. so now I have songs that I like so I dont have bad songs I made. I mean none of my songs are bad. to me. but they werent my best. so I hope you guys look through my song list now it should be cleaned out. comment down below what songs I should delete and Ill think about. so right now I have no plans to delete anymore but just ask me if you want mw to delete a song which is fine. thank you!


Posted by DashSlayer25 - May 31st, 2018


I See That My Songs Are Being 1 Star Rated, Hmmm.

Im Going to spend time and see what I can do to make my music better. it seems abit bad. not abit. VERY bad. So Im going to try my looplabs thingy and make my music alot better for you guys because a 1 star rated song is BAD! ;/ 

Posted by DashSlayer25 - February 28th, 2018


I Really Feel Like That DashSlayer25 - Nation And DashSlayer25 - IDK Are Very Differant Than The Rest Of My Music, Why? Because I Did The Work To Find Exactly What You All Wanted And I Edited The Sounds I Find Too! Instead Of Just Put Them IN The Music Maker. Well, Thats What I Did With The Rest, But These Two Songs Are My Best Ones Yet For Your Ears!

My Newest Songs Will Be Very Great For You All! Especially If You Like Dubstep! Dubstep Is What I Love To Listen To Every Single DAY​ And So Thats Why I Make Music So I Can Listen To My Own Music And Make Music For You Guys For Your Ears To ​PARTY!!!

Posted by DashSlayer25 - February 18th, 2018

Hey Guys!

Some Of You Probably Reconize Me From My Youtube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV2nzTVY7gZgk_IdyCrlcmQ​ Thats Right, Its Me! Dash! From Minecraft! Lel!

So If You Guys noticed I Made A Few Songs In The Songs List! Thos Are My Only Songs I Created So Far! I Will Create Alot More! So Stay Tuned For More And Check Back Here Alot Please. We Get Some Good Songs, Electronic... Thats Right! ELECTRONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Electro Stuff Like Dubstep, EDM, Etc Are My Favorite Type Of Things To Listen To. So.... I Got So Interested In Music That I Wanted To Try It Out! So Far, Its Been Great! Thanks For Listening To My Music! My Music Is NOT Copyrighted NOT​ Copyrighted! So Feel Free To Use In Your Videos, Video Games, Or Even, Music Channels Like. DubstepGutter! Anyways Thats It For This Announcement! Enjoy The Fact You Get To Listen To My MUSIC! about 3 - 5 Songs Will Come Out Everyday!

How Do You Make These Where What Do You use? Well. I Use LoopLabs.com! Very Easy To Use. And Very Good Music From It! Just Go Into The Collection Of Sounds. Then Click What You Want To Make. Then Choose A Sound You Like. Then You Drag It Into The Studio! THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks For Reading And Stay Awesome Everyone!