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I Am A Brand New Musician!

Posted by DashSlayer25 - February 18th, 2018

Hey Guys!

Some Of You Probably Reconize Me From My Youtube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV2nzTVY7gZgk_IdyCrlcmQ​ Thats Right, Its Me! Dash! From Minecraft! Lel!

So If You Guys noticed I Made A Few Songs In The Songs List! Thos Are My Only Songs I Created So Far! I Will Create Alot More! So Stay Tuned For More And Check Back Here Alot Please. We Get Some Good Songs, Electronic... Thats Right! ELECTRONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Electro Stuff Like Dubstep, EDM, Etc Are My Favorite Type Of Things To Listen To. So.... I Got So Interested In Music That I Wanted To Try It Out! So Far, Its Been Great! Thanks For Listening To My Music! My Music Is NOT Copyrighted NOT​ Copyrighted! So Feel Free To Use In Your Videos, Video Games, Or Even, Music Channels Like. DubstepGutter! Anyways Thats It For This Announcement! Enjoy The Fact You Get To Listen To My MUSIC! about 3 - 5 Songs Will Come Out Everyday!

How Do You Make These Where What Do You use? Well. I Use LoopLabs.com! Very Easy To Use. And Very Good Music From It! Just Go Into The Collection Of Sounds. Then Click What You Want To Make. Then Choose A Sound You Like. Then You Drag It Into The Studio! THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks For Reading And Stay Awesome Everyone!

Comments (2)

Welcome! I wish you luck in the music world!

Thanks Man! I Hope You Do Well Too With Your Stuff!

Ahh... This takes me back to when I started making music last year. Well, good luck then.

Thanks! Good Luck With Your Music Too!